US State Department refused almost 70% of Uzbek visa applications

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In 2019, the US State Department turned down 68.06% of visa applications from citizens of Uzbekistan, reveal the department’s statistics on rejections for category B visas for temporary touristic and business visits.

The figure for Uzbekistan is the highest among the countries of Central Asia. In comparison with 2018, the proportion of rejections for Uzbek citizens rose by 6%. Second place is occupied by Kyrgyzstan, whose citizens were refused a visa in 67.75% of cases (58.9% in 2018). Tajikistan had a 60.97% refusal rate (53.39%), Turkmenistan 56.26% (52.93%). The lowest rate of refusal was for Kazakh citizens: 42.58% (39.38%).

Only seven countries had a higher rejection rate than Uzbekistan: Yemen (78%), Somalia (81%), Iran (87%), Libya (89%), North Korea (100%), the Federated States of Micronesia (100%), and Palau (100%).

The lowest percentage of refusals was for citizens of Papua New Guinea (1.74%), the Solomon Islands (2.2%), Poland (2.76%) and Cyprus (2.78%). Citizens of Lichtenstein had a zero percent rejection rate.

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